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The tourism and travel industry is increasingly aware of its responsibility when it comes to sustainability. There is still a long way to go, but new technologies and innovative solutions are helping to reduce the negative impact on our planet.

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The battle for a sustainable future will only succeed if everyone joins in: At the individual level, as companies and organisations – and through governmental and regulatory action. We hope you are ready to join forces with us!



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Certified green hotels

In more than 50 countries worldwide, there is now a greener way to find accommodation. Travelife is responsible for assessing and certifying green hotels using a rigorous, 163-point checklist. The Travelife certification is primarily focused on sustainability, but also covers other important areas, e.g. human rights, labour, community engagement. Travelife is part of ABTA, the UK travel association.

As part of our commitment to sustainability,
Travel Sense is a member of Travelife.



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Flying greener with biofuel

Lots of research and development is focused on sustainable biofuel, with the goal of improving the quality as well as the production capacity. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the primary energy solution to mitigate growth in emissions, as it produces up to 80% less CO2 over its lifecycle compared to conventional jet fuel. Airlines are now starting to offer corporate agreements, ensuring that part of the corporate travel is undertaken using sustainable biofuel. SAF Fact sheet   -   SAF Infographic 



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Education and awareness

Beyond working to reduce carbon emissions - the travel industry also educates companies and travellers about climate change and how to travel in a greener way. The travel network Virtuoso launched a Sustainable Tourism initiative in 2017, offering webinars and live sessions on how to plan environmentally friendly trips. They've already had thousands of travel agents participating, and a key part of their approach is supporting community development projects.


Battle for sustainability

Although the technology is still very young, carbon removal is a
promising future part of the battle for sustainability


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