A greener way
to travel

What if you could travel with the planet in mind? A greener way is a unique travel package for your business - focused on sustainability. Get access to greener options and customise your journey with your own ideas for making an impact. There are plenty of options – how you choose to go greener is up to you.

What's most
important to you?

A greener way is your chance to decide where and how you want to make an impact. Let us know what's important to you and we'll provide you with a greener way to travel. It's that simple.


Direct flights

Takeoffs and landings create most of an airplane's carbon emission, so direct flights are the greener option. We'll give you the most direct option available for your destination.


Eco-friendly airlines

Some airlines take more climate action than others. We strive to only offer you seats with climate-conscious airlines. If you’d like to explore on your own, online tools like Atmosfair Airline Index will help you find the best flights.


Road or rail trip

When travelling in a group with friends, family or colleagues, it can be more climate-friendly to go by road or rail than by plane. A greener way helps you navigate and make the right choice.


Carbon offset

Compensate for your negative climate impact. Carbon offsetting supports climate-friendly initiatives like reforestation and green energy projects.


Certified green hotels

Get access to a greener way to sleep. Through our partnership with Travelife, we're able to offer more than 1500 eco-certified hotels worldwide.


Sustainable transfers

Transferring from one place to another at your destination is often an unavoidable part of the trip. We'll help provide sustainable transfer options, e.g. electric buses or electric taxis.


Centrally located hotels

A centrally located hotel or a hotel close to your planned activity will save you time, money, and lighten your climate footprint. Let us handle the booking and ensure the best solution from a climate perspective.


Sustainable activities

You have the possibility to participate in activities, that contributes to reduce the carbon footprint, taking care of nature, the environment, the culture and local traditions, that contributes to an improvement for the locals. An example could be removal of trash on the beach or in the ocean.

Your ideas

You can help define a greener way to travel. We want to hear your ideas and preferences when it comes to sustainable travel. Let's shape a unique and a greener travel experience together.

Let’s explore, together

GreenSeat CO2 offsetting

Through GreenSeat CO2 offsetting, you help to ensure that the greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere do not increase. GreenSeat provides access to sustainable energy in developing countries. GreenSeat's projects not only reduce CO2 emissions but at the same time improve the standard of living for households in developing countries.

On this link you can calculate the CO2 footprint of your travel – and you can choose to pay the offset directly to GreenSeat’s projects.

Check it out here

Interested in
knowing more?

If you're interested in knowing how your business could travel greener and more eco-friendly, please reach out to Travel Sense. We'd love to tell you more.

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