Making sense of
sustainable travel

The way we travel has a huge impact on our planet. What can we do as travellers and as an industry? Where do we start? We've set out to explore just that - while taking action. We all still need to meet - we just need to do it with our planet in mind. We may not have all the answers, but we're part of the solution.
We call it a greener way.

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No matter where you go, it's possible to leave a greener footprint. In fact, every small step of the journey, gives you the option to do something. We have listed 12 possible ways to change your travel habits and go greener.

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We believe that a green commitment and mindset, leads to green action. By signing our Sustainable Travel Pledge, you commit to changing your travel habits and going greener ways. One of the strengths of humans are, that we can build just as easy as we can destroy. When we do something together, like make a contract, a promise, a pledge - we really can move towards a greener world.

Make your sustainability pledge:

  • I will reduce my load by packing lightly.

  • I will use low-carbon transportation whenever and wherever possible.

  • If I have to fly, I'll choose the most climate-conscious option available.

  • I aim to stay at eco-certified and sustainable hotels.

  • I will be mindful of my electricity consumption and turn off lights and devices when I can.

  • I will say no to plastic whenever possible - and responsibly dispose of waste.

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