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As a travel agency, we realize that we are contributing to the increasing climate challenge - and that we always have a responsibility to do better. That is why we are continuously working for greener ways, search for more knowledge and push it whatever way we can push.

Our commitment to
a greener way

Our commitment is simple, clear, and most importantly, actionable. It allows us to continuously improve our knowledge, ways of working - and the way we enable everyone to travel.


We will continue to explore new ways of travelling

Identifying new, low-carbon ways of travelling and eco-friendly practices is key to spark change.


We will inform ourselves, our clients and our partners about greener ways

Educating ourselves and our surroundings will enable collective action.


We will build and launch greener services and products

Including greener options in our product portfolio will give everyone eco-friendly alternatives.

Green partnerships


As part of Carbonfund’s Carbonfree® Partner Program, we support their efforts towards reducing carbon emissions - and we are contributing to reforestation projects worldwide.

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Travelife is one of the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certifications for hotels. We work with Travelife to offer eco-friendly accommodation to our clients and partners.

We are at stage 1 known as Travelife Engaged



Every aspect of our business is an opportunity to make impact. Our organization uses Matter Pension and contributes to investments in green infrastructure, clean energy and forestation.



We have launched
‘a greener way’

A greener way is a brand new service, reflecting our green commitment. By choosing it, you'll get access to a greener travel options, eco-certified accommodation and much more.

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Greener news

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Call for inspiration

At Travel Sense, we love to learn and get inspired. We also know that we don’t have the entire solution, so let’s work together. What do you do in your company to ensure a greener future?